• Because it affects everybody. Over half of all Americans in the United States are prescribed to at least one monthly medication. An alarming number of the same Americans do not take their medication as prescribed because they cannot afford it.
  • Because cost discrepancies and a lack of public information should not be the compromising factor in an individual’s right to enjoy good health.
  • Because money doesn’t grow on trees. 40% of American adults today have reported problems with paying their medical bills. 62% of all bankruptcies in America involve medical debt.
  • Because knowledge is power. Consider the inevitable domino effect of costs and health consequences triggered by simple assuming all pharmacy prices are "about the same": A patient’s inability to afford a much needed prescription may lead to otherwise unnecessary doctor visits, hospitalizations, chronic illness and other potentially avoidable health complications eventually culminating into an overwhelming set of extensive costs.
  • Because community-building is essential. By joining WeRx.org, you are not just passing along price comparisons to your community, you are creating awareness and affording people the right to make their own decision based on knowledge.

In the United States today, 50 million Americans do not have health insurance and another 20 million insured Americans lack prescription drug coverage.

More often than not, we as consumers trust and assume that the price of prescription medication from one pharmacy to the next is “about the same”.  It’s not.

Unfortunately, most Americans are gravely unaware of the fact that the same generic or name brand drug being sold at one local pharmacy can sometimes cost 16 times more at the pharmacy down the block. The lack of transparency within the pharmacies denies individuals their rightful access to easy price comparisons, and that’s where we come in.

WeRx.org is a unique online tool and mobile application that allows users to compare and report prescription drug prices between local pharmacies. The program visually maps out the different price points of stores in your vicinity, and also allows users to share and compare local and online prescription medication prices. 

The WeRx initiative is more than just a tool that helps people save money.  It’s a social movement designed to promote awareness, build community, and strengthen patient advocacy, in hopes of creating a healthier world.  

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