Amir and Ali, both optometrists, had a heart-to-heart discussion about the loss of one of our patients. They discovered he was not taking his medications as prescribed, which was leading to vision loss. When pressed, he said he had a choice of eating, supporting his family, or purchasing his medication.  

He was under the impression that the $150 price for his generic Lipitor was "about the same" at any nearby pharmacy. Amir and Ali later realized that some of those nearby pharmacies charged from $11 to $25 for the same medication.

Their patient lost his life after suffering a stroke.  This was a bitter pill to swallow, but his loss led to a period of discovery and determination to prevent this from happening again.

His life could have been saved with the knowledge of the vast price differences at retail pharmacies. That's when they began the mission to promote transparency in retail drug pricing. 


Ali Khoshnevis: "I believe in the goodness of humanity and the willingness of perfect strangers to help one another."

Before founding WeRx, Ali was owner and operator of his private Optometry practice. Prior to that he completed his residency at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, the top ranked training eye hospital in the country. Ali completed his Bachelors of Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Amir Khoshnevis: "After nearly fifteen years in practice, witnessing so many patients struggle to pay for their needed medications, I decided to change the system."

Amir completed his Doctorate degree in Optometry in 1998. He is founder of two optometric practices in Charlotte. He was named Optometry Giving Sight Philanthropist of the Year and Optometric Business Innovator in 2011. He is responsible for forming strategic partnerships

Marcie Koontz: "It's not okay for people to be unaware…The time for transparency is NOW!"

David Bridgman: "Pharmacies know that if consumers can't price shop, they can charge whatever they want.  It's the last industry in America without easy access to price information.  We are working to change that."

Cris Farroch: "The time has come for us to create a new lens through which we view prescription medication costs.  One that allows us to apply a more transparent approach to healthcare."

Asher Lewis: "We can complain about a broken system, or we can fix it together. That's why I'm so passionate about developing WeRx."

Joshua Johnson: "As a programmer, it's a joy to be a part of something that has the potential for so much impact."

Steve Moskowitz: "WeRx is one of those very few companies that is driven purely from delivering selfless good – and it was important for me to be a part of that."

Imran Cronk: "I support WeRx.org because people have always been full of a fundamental goodness, and now we have the technology to channel that energy toward a life-changing cause."

Ashcon Livingston: "I am a part of WeRx because I want to use the resources I have at my disposal to help get affordable medication to everyone that needs it."

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