Important Things to Remember to Reduce Medication Mistakes

Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  07 April 2014

Important Things to Remember to Reduce Medication Mistakes

The FDA has highlighted 6 steps you can take to avoid medication mistakes.

1)   Know the names of your drugs: Be sure to ask your doctor for the name of the drug he/she is prescribing for you and keep a list of all your drugs with you.

2)   Ask questions about how to use the medication: Ask your doctor or pharmacist about what to do when forgetting a does, when to take your medications, and what to do if you experience any side effects.

3)   Know what your drugs treat: Find out what your doctor is prescribing you each drug for.

4)   Read medicine labels and follow directions: There is a great website that makes your labels simple: Iodine

5)   Keep all of your health care providers informed about your medications and supplements: This includes vitamins and herbals you use.

6)   Keep the list of your medications at all times and let a loved one know: I always ask patients for their entire drug list because it is very important information for the doctor.

We believe you cannot be too careful when it comes to the medications you take.

Ali is a practicing optometrist and the CEO of WeRx.org, a pharmacy price comparison site and app with the goal of helping patients find the lowest cost medications in their neighborhood.