Tip #2 Using Your Insurance for Prescription Medications May Not Be Your Best Bet

Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  13 August 2013

Tip #2 Using Your Insurance for Prescription Medications May Not Be Your Best Bet

Healthcare Cost by Images_of_Money

With more major chain pharmacy stores than McDonald’s in the United States, pharmacies are trying to find a way to get your business.  Some give you rewards and coupons for transferring all your medications, some discount hundreds of medications, and some even give you FREE medications.  

In this blog topic, I want to go over ways you can take advantage of the system.  First off, leave your insurance card at home if you take any of the following common medications: Celexa, Prozac, Mevacor, Glucophage, Pravachol, Paxil, Lexapro, or Zestril – all these drugs have generics that are less than $10 at most chain pharmacies.  On average, the insurance company pays between $20-$50 per month for these medications and often your co-pay can be more expensive than the discount price.  Many grocery stores are offering free diabetic, high blood pressure, and antibiotic medications but you must be careful before transferring all your medications over…remember to price all your medications.  Many of these pharmacies try to get you in the door with a “lost-leader” (a high demand product sold for less than it cost) but then you can be charged much more for your other medications. 

Many pharmacies publish their discount generic prices on their own websites, but our search feature on WeRx.org will compare prices at most pharmacies at the same time and see if they offer your medications at a discount.

Ali Khoshnevis

Ali is a practicing doctor and the CEO of WeRx.org, a pharmacy price comparison site and app with the goal of helping patients find the lowest cost medications in their neighborhood.

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