Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  29 August 2013
On average, Americans take at least four medications per month. What can you do to reduce the amount of medications you take?
Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  21 August 2013
Learn more about a common pharmacy practice that most patients are unaware about: Price Matching.
Author:  Team Werx
Date:  16 August 2013
Another setback for Obamacare, lowering Medicaid drug spending, and more in this episode of Week in Review
Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  13 August 2013
In this blog post we will highlight ways to save on your medication prices by taking advantage of pharmacy discount programs
Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  08 August 2013
Most people assume that if a drug is sold over-the-counter (OTC) it is not as effective as a prescription medication. This isn’t always true.