Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  27 May 2013
Jon Stewart of the Daily Show gave Steven Brill, Time Magazine and the Department of Health and Human Services "Big Ups" after releasing medical pricing in response to Brill's Expose, "Bitter Pill."
Author:  Anonymous
Date:  23 May 2013
Find out if your medication can be split. It could save you more than 50% off your medications
Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  14 May 2013
WeRx research shows that in Miami, FL you can spend $350 less on the same generic medication of Coreg (a blood pressure medication) just by visiting a different pharmacy just 3 miles away.
Ali Khoshnevis OD
Date:  07 May 2013
The Commonwealth Fund’s Biennial Health Survey was just released and the results are shocking.